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KeraLab uncut worktop, light grey (ALU)

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  • Product description and specifications

Product description

The price is a square metre price. Please enter the required dimensions in the remarks section. The remarks section will appear when finishing your order.
Category: uncut, side edges are glazed all around
Manufacturer: SystemCeram
Colour: ALU (lightgrey)

Ceramic worktop with excellent chemical resistance.
Suitable for use in fume-cupboards and for laboratory workbenches.

The worktops are machined by means of milling technology, which makes high-grade indivualised end-products possible. Within the maximum dimension of 2000 x 990mm, all kinds of dimensions, cut-outs, raised levels etc. are possible.

To create larger surfaces, two or more worktops will be combined.

Select the standard modifications from the list modifications and cut-outs

Technical data:

Standard raised edge around

The products are characterized by a high density and excellent chemical and mechanical resistance. It complies with all requirements of DIN28062 (Table of materials 1.1.4).
SystemCeram worktops and sinks are resistant against all chemicals, except for hydro-fluoric acid and fuming sulphuric acid (Oleum).

Capacity: at least 5 l/m2, referred to the net surface
Thickness: 35mm ± 2mm, inclusive raised edge
Raised edge: 7mm
± 1mm.
Tolerances in length and width:
for opposite uncut edges ± 1%
Connecting edges: difference in height maximally 2mm.


CategoryKeraLab (SystemCeram)
Product code38-2000AA-43

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